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Readings connect with your personal energy vibrations and personal records through time and space and then this information is communicated with you. The energy vibrations run like a lattice-work through everyone and everything and it is communicated through spiritual guides coming from a very high frequency, being felt, heard, seen or known from these realms. These vibrations are comparable to tuning into a radio frequency that is always around us, we just need to tune in. However, with a radio it will only tune into limited frequencies and when we raise our frequency to connect to the Divine Light and Love we can tune into infinite frequencies. A clairvoyant is a person who sees what is currently happening and what is behind the issues or what possiblities are coming through their psychic sight in the form of pictures. Tarot Reading Picture Susan's readings are of a very spiritual nature with meditation and prayer before each reading, calling on angels, spirit guides, and ascended masters of the highest order, through Divine Light and Love, to assist all. Guides, angels and teachers that assist are Archangels Michael and Raphael, Jesus Christ, Joseph, Mother Mary, Methuselah, and Babaji. Guides, angels and teachers, amongst others that have assisted are Archangels Gabriel and Uriel, White Light extraterrestrials, and Running Bear.

Readings are available...

In Person... Schedule a session click here.

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By Phone... Schedule a telephone reading, call Susan at 314-644-5223 to arrange an appointment and payment. Payment is accepted by check or money order through the mail, or online by secured PayPal processing of your credit/debit card. An appointment time will be scheduled with time given for receipt of check or payment processing through PayPal. Your payment will always be held until after your reading to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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And Gatherings... Schedule a small get-together, bachelorette party, angel messages party, spiritual gathering, large party, corporate event or anything in between...
Call Susan at 314-644-5223 to discuss the details.

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