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Susan Brockmeier, LMT, RMT... Rebirther, Reiki Master Teacher, Artist, Teacher Naturalist, Channeler, and Spiritual & Business Coach...Susan is devoted to remembering the divine nature of all. Through study and practice of meditation, reiki, breathwork, A Course In Miracles, Heartmath and other modalities, with both a practical and an esoteric approach to healing, she dedicates herself to being both the student and the teacher.

Susan Brockmeier by pondBorn into a metaphysical family, Susan learned to use the concept of Mind over matter to heal herself. She learned to look at the world with different eyes and to believe that all is possible. Her willingness to surrender to the Divine and see miracles happen went unquestioned. At 15 years old, Susan had her first astral travel experience, when she found herself observing herself from up above. Later in her teenage years, living with a prodigy of Edgar Cayce's, Susan was taught to interpret dreams, utilizing them to resolve problems and receive information for herself and others. Lying awake at night she would see spirits and energy unaware that others did not see them. Little did she know this was only the beginning of her spiritual experiences.

Susan has learned so that she may teach and support others with teaching and healing as her life's mission. Her skills and experiences have given her tools to greatly assist others. With continued willingness to allow the Divine through her, she is led on her path as a facilitator of healing and consultant in the realm of no limitations.

Susan's Training... Professional Rebirther and Transformational Breathworker, Usui/Tibetan, Karuna® Reiki and Sehkem-Seichim-Reiki Master Teacher, Clairvoyant/Psychic Consultant, Interior Designer, Teacher Naturalist and Inspired Artist.

Lotus FlowerAs a graduate of the Rebirthing 2000 Program, Susan's trainings have been with Sondra Ray, Bob and Mallie Mandel and others, both here and abroad. Her associations are in memberships and sponsorship with the International Association Of Reiki Professionals. Susan is certified in Rebirthing, and as a Reiki Master Teacher of Usui/Tibetan, Karuna® Reiki and Sehkem-Seichim-Reiki. Susan is registered with William Rand's International Center for Reiki Training. She currently teaches all levels of Usui/Tibetan Reiki, Karuna® Reiki, Sehkem-Seichim-Reiki and facilitates group breathwork. As Divinely guided, Susan utilizes toning and chanting, singing bowls, aura soma, drumming, or bodywork. She often "sees" inside the body and may be instructed on unique symbols, herbs, essential oils or stones to use for healing. Integrating the "Course in Miracles" in her work, Susan teaches "Love not fear", from the spiritual truth of who we divinely are..perfect whole and complete. Her focus is on the here and now coming from the heart. In readings and in healing work, she is supported by the angelic realm, her guides and masters, through Spirit, working with the highest vibrations of light and love. In readings, Susan uses the tarot cards as a vehicle or works with channeling alone. To give information about people, places, or things, she utilizes psychometry.


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